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Why Taylorsville, Kentucky, Residents Oppose Expanded Alcohol Sales

October 9, 2009

11285125_BG2According to local news reports, in just a few weeks, voters in Spencer County, Kentucky will decide whether to keep the county dry or make it wet, allowing alcohol sales. Before you even talk to anyone in Taylorsville, you get a sense of how many residents are feeling about the issue. There are yellow “vote No” signs, dotting yards and roads, all over town.

“We don’t need alcohol in Spencer County,” said long-time Elk Creek resident Meynard Alls.

“I’m very much against it. I’m a Christian and our county, I know there is drinking, I realize that, everywhere. But I just don’t want it in our county,” said Doris Sweasy, a Taylorsville resident.

“From the feedback I’m getting it does seem like there’s a good many people against the vote,” said Pastor Patrick Nix of Lighthouse Baptist Church.

Spencer County is one of 49 completely dry counties in Kentucky. Its surrounding counties though, are wet.

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